I'm Kathryn Von Buren and I cannot remember a time when the kitchen wasn't an integral part of my existence.  I was raised in the Midwest, part of a multi-generational family of fruit farmers and amazing cooks.  My culinary instincts are rooted in days spent with my mom, grandmas, aunts, sisters and cousins preparing and preserving food for the masses.  During my teen years, I spent many days working in my mom's dream endeavor - a business that evolved over the years from a simple farm market to a full service restaurant.

The link between cooking and chemistry is a natural one, and I set aside my culinary drive to study the chemical nature of the world.  Over the years I have come to learn that most chemists are also extraordinary cooks.

I love all things related to the kitchen and am currently active in passing on that love to my children so they may share it with their children's children.

I dedicate this work to the memory of my Grandmothers, and give thanks for my Mother who passed on much more than recipes.

I also celebrate the epic disasters that can result from culinary experimentation at Miscakeulation.  If you'd like your off the hook failures featured please drop me a line describing the phenomenal flop you've accomplished.